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OCTOBER 19, 7pm

At Dont Tell Mama


Rachel and Peter with Bibi the Chihuahua looking on perform the songs of George and Ira Gershwin in an ongoing cabaret series

George and Ira

George Gershwin's star rose fast at 14 he was a sought after song plugger in Tin Pan Alley, by 21 a wealthy and famous Broadway composer and well respected Classical innovator, and passed away at the age of 39-years-old. He worked closely with his older brother, Ira. They wrote hundreds of songs together before George's death in 1937. Ira after George's death, became the protector of his legacy.

Peter Szep and Rachel Murdy embark on a Gershwin Odyssey including the brothers' most famous tunes, "I Got Rhythm" "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off" "The Man I Love" "They All Laughed" and so many more. They will feature the performances of special guests along the way and also introduce you to George and Ira's lesser known work. Join them on their mission to perform all of their popular songs in a series of cabaret shows.



Thursday, October 18th

7pm - Doors open at 6:15pm

Don't Tell Mama NYC

343 W 46th St New York, NY 10036 USA

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