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Home with the Helmers Finale


"A Doll House" by Henrik Ibsen performed episodically on Zoom. It is every word of William Archer's 1889 translation of Ibsen's historic play brought to life by an all women cast influenced by early 1970s daytime dramas "Another World" and "Somerset"

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A Doll House

Everything is looking up for the Helmers. The holidays are here and Torvald has been promoted to bank manager. Now Nora and Torvald can afford what they really need. Their three young children can finally have a proper Christmas.


However this family's happiness is threatened by Nils Krogstad. He demands recompense.

The lovely Nora Helmer, always the industrious and charming lady-of-the-house, keeps Mr. Krogstad at bay, finds ways to cope, but is pressured and held hostage by her own past.


Can money buy happiness?

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