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Joey the Clown

Dreaming of Running Away to the Circus

Joey's got a heart full of love for the Big Top.

He's got stories to tell of the other performers

full of love, heartache, and hope.


Boo! Did I scare you? Little bit? Well, it’s appropriate.
I am a Ghost, Ooooooo! GOMO the friendly lounge-singing ghost. See it, believe it, a ghost and a musical entertainer. I passed away, and who knew? It was my big break. Recently deceased in the fall of 2019 I found myself on the road with Mike Doughty and his band. I was a supernatural sensation partnered with the inimitable DoubleM2000 as an opening act in 30 US cities. In 2020 (since folks weren’t seeing me live and in-person) I created and starred in my own reality-talk-therapy YouTube series GOMO TV produced by SMUSH Gallery. The gallery became an artist home. I regularly haunt it appearing with DoubleM, ghost-dog Bibi the Chihuahua, and a mysterious guest polar bear from The Beyond; Mr. Livingstone. I perform the songs of my favorite musical artists from Bruce Springsteen, Mel Tillis, and Harry Nilsson to Connie Converse, Taylor Swift and Kate Bush and serve as ghost-host at speciality events and open-mics. Don’t miss my next appearance.



Joey's happy to be of service.

Request him for parties, variety shows, and more!

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