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Home with the Helmers


Rachel Murdy, as herself
Peter Szep, piano/music director
Matthew Milligan, guitar
Julio Mascaro, as Pagliacci
Liv Morrison, Gershwin Oddyssey-ette
Jonathan Matthews-Guzmán, Kate Bush specialist
Bluebird of Happiness
Joey the Clown
Bibi the Chihuahua

WARNING: Multiple clowns appear in this performance.

For those sensitive or Coulraphobic are entitled to a full refund of the cover charge.


Maria, from West Side Story, Bernstein 1957
O Columbina, from Pagliacci, Leoncavallo 1892
Bluebird of Happiness, Harmati 1934
Tight Rope, Russell 1972
Oh! Circus Day!, Lessing 1913
In Regard of Flight, Krueger 2018
Wild Billy’s Circus Story, Springsteen 1973

Enter the Gladiators, Fučík 1897

Over the Rainbow, from The Wizard of Oz, Arlen and Harburg 1939
Be A Clown, from The Pirate, Porter 1948
When I’m By Your Side, from Sideshow, Kreiger 1997

Join the Circus, from Barnum, Coleman and Stewart 1980

Lydia, the Tattooed Lady, Arlen 1939
Man on the Flying Trapeze, Lyle 1867
Is That All There Is?, Stoller 1969
Send in the Clowns, from A Little Night Music, Sondheim 1973
Paper Moon, from The Great Magoo, Arlen 1933
Trapeze, Frampton 2011
Thunder Road, Springstein 1973

Bidin My Time, from Girl Crazy, The Gershwin Brothers 1930

Someone to Watch Over Me, The Gershwin Brothers 1926

Blah Blah Blah, from Delicious, The Gershwin Brothers 1931

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off, The Gershwin Brothers 1937

They All Laughed, from Shall We Dance, The Gershwin Brothers 1937

Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush 1978

Special Thanks

We would like to give our grateful thanks to:

The Apple Tree Inn
David Arquette
Don’t Tell Mama NYC
The Fremonts: Stephanie Dodd & Justin Badger
Whitney B. Glenon
Mark Gray
Irina and Volker Hage
Rich Krueger
Alan Mathews

Liv Morrison
Tanya Moberly
Bill and Mary Murdy
Mr. Pisoni and Empire Circus
The Salon at Don’t Tell Mama
Smush Gallery Work/Share
Spotlight On You Open Mic
Together Apart: Zoom Open Mic
Anna Wilson and Sadie

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