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Rachel and Peter

He wrote his first song for her now they can't stop working together!

Rachel and Peter sing the American Songbook, old and new. From the Gershwins to Harold Arlen, Roy Orbison to Bruce Springsteen, they have compiled a mixed tape of the most compelling songwriters and inventive lyricists.


Whether it be a beautiful ballad, a rousing show tune, or a rock saga, they deliver a powerful performance that stirs the heart and soul. Come join them on their musical journey.


40 Years
In The Making

Peter Szep and Rachel Murdy met at theater camp. Years later they were brought together to collaborate by a mutual friend. Now, they work as a cabaret team.

Their first show together, In My Day: Then And Now, told their story with an eclectic assortment of popular songs. They then created September Songs, a cabaret of standards with an emphasis on growing older. Rachel was promised a job at the circus, but it became inspiration for a cabaret show. She convinced Peter and guitarist Matthew Milligan to dress up as clowns and join her circus instead. Together they performed Under the Big Top and it's most recent iteration, Fear of Clowns, which presented a Holiday Edition this Christmas. Gershwin Odyssey is the duo's most recent work. It is the second in an ongoing series of cabarets which explores the history, biography, and music of George and Ira Gershwin. These two friends, lucky to find each other and then find each other again, will continue to create more in 2023 with consultation of Bibi the Chihuahua.


Rachel and Peter have been at this business for years.

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